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Bilee Jean

I come from a small town in ontario of 250 people. Charlton ontario. its partnered with another small town to even have a facebook page. my parents seperated when i was 4? i have 2 other brothers and a disabled mother. my mother was a published writer, an artist and retired office worker. my father is a millright of 20-25 years?

At the age of 15 i begged my mother to take me to a tallent scout audtion. we went to meet with an agent (she said she was shawn desmans agent) and she was interested in manageing me for acting dance and modeling. my mother was unsure and took her card. i started dance classes for the next 2 years i did hip hop dance classes. As for modeling. during that time i was approched in public three times twice by photographers requesting shoots from me. being i was so young i had no idea what that was. so i refused the first request. insisting that i would not be edited and turned into a druggy. because i had very little understnding of modeling. then the second time i was asked to do a cat walk in the mall for a new up and coming store (rio grande prairie) wich i did and was dressed for with little instruction of how to walk out but it was a lot of fun so the next time i was publicly approched was at a bus stop (i would later learn, that he was a suicide girls photgrapher and had worked with playmates and some of the princes ex girlfriends) a car pulled over approched me and requested i shoot with him and explained he normally dosent do such things...

So i took his car and came to the conclusion if someone had the guts to come up to me in public and request  a shoot with me. i should at least be brave enough to give it a try. so i did under adult supervision and interagation during the shoot. the photos were so bad i didn't even get a disk back. however i developed a curiousity in modeling and so on my 16th birthday a photoshoot was set up to do head shots and some basic photos then my mother became friends with a photographer that taught me the ins and outs of catching the right angle and effective connection with the camera.  then money cut out and we couldn't aford dance classes for my grade 12 year so i took cheerleading for a year and made it to provincals and when that was over i found my self with so much free time.i looked for a second job. i took an interview for a promotions company to do in the afternoons i didn't get it but later i started working for a go go danceing group doing promotions with Rock City. (that they didn't pay me for) going around in there limo to other bars bringing back customers on dead nights to fill the bar. so i set out for promotional modeling work and found a few sites such as Model Mayham. after i set up with Model Mayham i found that an old friend of mine from when i was 16 was a local photographer and pretty up and coming. over time i decided i wanted a set of nudes shot at the age of 18. i had gotten the idea because there was an elderly lady that came into my day job and had told me she use to be a stripper and all i could think is my what did you look like in your prime... i couldn't draw a connection of a stripper to this kind hearted old lady...  i thought my to see a photo of her back in her day in her prime i bet she would be unrecognizable to who she is now. so i got the brilliant idea that i wanted a set of me in my prime done up for myself. because when i got older i would be able to say and that, was me!
so to start out we did a few basic shoots. Lifestyle so i could get use to shooting and then boudior leading to a nude. he tought me about release forms and legal stuff of what i was doing. after photos hit the internet i had lots of photographers messaging me asking and requesting shoots with me... i'm generally a creative person so i was curious to explore concepts and had lots of ideas to exicute but few photographers were reliable. so i stuck to shooting mainly with my friend. then my model mayham became my source of connection into modeling and i started getting mesages from traveling photographers from around canada and i ran into a photographer retired from agencey shooting and he was shooting emotional work he had rented an apartment as a studio here in grande prairie. he flew down hear for bussness and we would shoot together in the time he was down for work. he tought me emotional range and how to propperly transition from one pose to the next in time and we even got to the point were i would cry when asked to so i learned how to manipulate my emotions to a camera based on what was required for a shoot. then we tried some method shoots working with another model and really explored emotional expression... from screaming to fakeing an emotional connection with another model. in time we stopped shooting together as much because he wasn't around i talked to some agencys. but nothing solid. then i moved to vancouver for a bit and i looked for work in promotions and modeling i shot some time for with one phtographer that didn't speak much english but had been in the agency a long time had a studio to work in out of town but kept pushing me towards nudes and i had no intrest so i stopped working with him so i started working with another phtographer down there that had a house all set up to shoot through. the photos came back wonderful! and he was very expiremental with photographer tricks showing me all these cool photographer tricks that his friends had taught him...

Then i sent in and got a call from Shoot Me Now and i went shooting with them and had a piece recorded for auditions to there calandar i didn't make it in. but i did make it onto a page of there next issue and through there webside page. after that i had to return to grande prairie due to lack of money to eat. so i was malnutrishened when i returned to grande prairie... after i worked for a bit i shot again with my friend and then the locals heard i was back and i got swamped on Model Mayham. i met a new photographer from beaverloge and we did a bunch of artistic nudes that are all "subject to approval"  and he published a book featuring me in it. An Interpertation of Degos... at the same time i was also shooting with a friend that i went to school with that requested i shoot with her because she had worked at life touch and  was ready to start up her own companey i agreed and we did a few fun shoots leading into some bikini and lingire work and we soon discovered are work together was magazine worthy. as she posted the photos on face book i began to get a following and as i went in public people i didn't know knew of me... and would ask what i was shooting next so naturally i made myself a page on face book and got started socal networking to keep my fans informed of my modeling and what abouts i was up to. i then started running promotions and Facebook for showgirls grande prairie and organizing events working in event mannagement and meeting all kinds of talented people. doing cross promotions with companys talent partying with producers and meeting DJS and even some of the SOA cast? i had request from band member from a group that worked closer with shake tramp to go to edmonton and to do a publicity tour... then shoot with one of canadas best photographers. i turned it down. i met family members of the owners of massive word wide franchises band members were a dime a dozen.
then i found out i was prego like eggo with my baby boy so i slowed my party and became a mom so i slowed my roll and only depended on the people who were steady and solid oppurtunities my figure is better now then what it was before i had him so. since having him i have started working more closely with designers these days and i have done catwalk for SOS childrens charity show at mad hatters and i have done the Hot Heels Show at the cryistal Center.  and that brings you up to date as to a few days ago i did a shoot with a photographer from hinton.


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